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Juke Jesus

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Juke Jesus is known as the most elusive runner in the history of the game. While there may have been some early doubters about his ability to compete at the highest level due to his size, he quickly established himself as a serious threat after breaking into the 2000 yard rushing club after his first game. If you're used to being underestimated too, grab a Juke Jesus tshirt as a constant reminder to work hard and focus on your craft.

Illustrated by Jason Kuczek

Unisex fit Tri-Blend material
Made in Heaven


Tri-blend material made from a combination of polyester, cotton, and rayon.  Trust us, this is literally the softest most indestructible shirt on the planet.

Shipping & Returns

You'll be able to select various shipping options available to you based on your address during checkout.

We will include a blank poly mailer (envelope) in your package in the event you need to send something back due to a sizing issue or otherwise.  If you need to send an item back, simply reach out to us via out contact form and we'll send a return label to your email that you can print and place on the included poly mailer (envelope).

Care Instructions

As usual, the more you baby this shirt, the longer it will last.  But, who has time to do that.  We blast our shirts on high heat when we do the laundry and our shirts never shrink.  If you want your t-shirt to outlive you, just make sure you wash with like colors and on medium heat and you can rest assured that your shirts will be bequeathed to your beneficiaries.